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Girl winning at slot machine game
Jean Charest and Stephen Harper at a press conference in Chelsea
Studio 462 Graveline, Gatineau   (819)-360-3686
Chair Man
Two Gentleman with bow tie
4th Connie award won by Hilton Lac Leamy
Jean Charest and Stephen Harper walking with workers
Dalton McGuinty at 100 ans de la francophonie
Man playing Trumpet
100 years gala with Madeleine Meilleur for the OFA
Jean Charest and Stephen Harper at a press conference in Chelsea
Stephen Harper and Jean Charest at a press conference in Chelsea, Qc.
An evening at the Theater of the Casino Lac Leamy
Alain Miroux and colleagues with 4 Connie awards
Indian girl in front of a teepee on the Rideau Canal
Poker tounament of espace jeux
Norm McMillan at Turso factory press conference
Jean Charest discussing in the Thurso factory
Jean Charest in scrum at Thurso factory
Montréal comedian Patrick Huard at a poker tournament
Comedian Patrick Huard laughting at poker tournament
Acrobate in the air Shenkman centrum center
Colonel By on the Rideau Canal
CCLA annual group shot
Administrators of the CCCM
Breast feeding room at the Hospital of Gatineau / Mathieu Girard Photographe ©

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