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Adresse du Studio, 462 Graveline, Gatineau   (819)-360-3686
Helipad of Complex Lac Leamy in Gatineau
Virtual Reality at UQO in Gatineau
Aerial view of the Civilizations Museum of Gatineau
Team Defi Pierre Lavoie of the Casino Lac Leamy
27th French Book festival of Outaouais.
Snowboarding Mont-Cascade in Cantley Quebec by Mathieu Girard
Transport Canada Directors Meeting
Kinder Garden teacher
Casino Lac Leamy new slot machines
Firefighter posing in front of a fire
Aerial shot of the Rideau Canal for the NCC
Hydro Ontario dam between Ottawa and Gatineau
CTMOH Ostheopath par Mathieu Girard Photography
Le Groupe Swing's album cover by Mathieu Girard photography
Le Groupe Swing's album back side by Mathieu Girard photography
Le Groupe Swing's album inside cover by Mathieu Girard photography
Advertising poster of Petits crimes conjugaux presented by Theatre du Trillium
Night shot of the Gatineau's Casino
Wear your Camoflage at the Canadian War museum
Virtual Reality in action at UQO in Gatineau
Volley-ball team of the CECCE
Dinner at the Baccara, Outaouais finest restaurant
Finger print dusting at RCMP school of police
Golf Tournament of Casino Lac Leamy
Canadian Civilization Museum tourism invitation
Ostheopath giving a treatment
CSSS des Collines Annual report
Nurse for CSSS Annual report
Photo montage of nursing graduation
Owner of Les Fougères in Chelsea
La Brulerie coffee shop in Hull, Qc.
Doctor of CSSS des Colines
Jean-Rock Beaudoin owner of Slush Puppy Canada
Jumping for Maman-Kangourou Advertising
Baby slings made by Maman-Kangourou
Mother and baby for slings Maman-Kangourou slings
Seringe and Skull in a drop by Mathieu Girard photographer
Staff of Hilton Lac Leamy in a #1 Figure. / Mathieu Girard Photographe ©

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